Nutbuster Musky & Pike Spinnerbaits

Hands down the best built and most diverse Musky and Pike Spinnerbaits available on the market. Whether your chasing Musky, Pike, Walleye, or Bass if you have a Nutbuster spinnerbait tied on you’ve got a leg up on other anglers.

  • Standard Nutbuster Spinnerbaits

    The full line up of our best silicone skirted baits. Our standard silicone skirts have proven themselves a “must-have” year after year! Their life-like action and American made durability truly set them apart.

  • Hybrid Nutbuster Spinnerbaits

    The Llungen Hybrid Series combines the best of both worlds: our custom designed silicone & flashabou. A favorite show custom of Llungen fans for years, we’ve now made these available year round!

  • Marabou Nutbuster Spinnerbaits

    Premium Nutbuster marabou spinnerbaits. Hand tied & American made, the baits look exceptional both in and out of the water. Built with the finest material available, the Nutbuster marabou series is a must have!